Nov. 2015. Chicago

November 13, 2015 § Leave a comment

No posts since July! I took a full-time position working in retail makeup this year and time has sped up. That said, I’m going to expand the subject matter of my posts to include a broader look at beauty…beauty as an expression of balance and flow…the internal and the external. Here’s another photo from the shoot I did with photographer Momoko  and model DeYandre. I think the photo compliments what’s been on my mind as of late: minimalism.


The makeup look I did for this photo was very minimal. A bit of foundation, a touch of powder through the brows, a neutral lip, a smudge of black liner and mascara, a kiss of blush. Natural, minimal makeup has always been my favorite to execute. The makeup is an afterthought to the subject. What is important is DeYandre, the energy that she exudes.

I had a Drawing and Painting teacher in high school who expounded upon the idea that less is more. I have grown to agree with him. Stylistically, minimalism is a reservoir of beauty: crisp, decisive and strong. The minimalist aesthetic has bled over into various areas of my life: my living space, my clothes, shoes, trinkets. Pairing down to the essentials has given me more room to be creative, I think. That said, I still have 12 lipsticks in my medicine cabinet…it may not seem like a lot considering what I do for a living, but the direction I’m going, it feels like a few too many.



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